Who is Cratmang?

I am! My real name is Connor Gilhuly, but apparently that's a rather common name. I'm a budding game and narrative designer that's always looking around for ideas and inspiration, and I'm always trying to come up with fun and enjoyable experiences to share with others.

I was born in 1996, and for as long as I can remember, I've always had a passion for games and fun. I enrolled in Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design program in 2015, and graduated in 2019.

I have a wide skillset that allows me to slip into multiple roles if necessary, including creative writing, code, 2D artwork (especially pixel art!), and animation.

Q: Where does the name "Cratmang" come from?

A: Cratmang is just my initials (C and G) tacked onto either end of the word "ratman". As for why I picked "ratman"... uh... I was born in the year of the rat?

Q: So do I call you "Cratmang" or "Connor"?

A: If I know you personally, either one's fine. But if your friends are looking for me, tell them to look for "Cratmang".

Q: Where are you from?

A: I hail from the northern lands of Ontario, Canada. Every morning I crawl out of my igloo, drink a gallon of maple syrup for breakfast, and then play a few rounds of Smash Bros. with the local beavers (ha ha, not really).

Q: When did you decide that you wanted to work in the gaming industry?

A: Ever since I realized I could get a job making video games. With that being said, I'm also trying to branch out and try other things in my free time (writing and animation come to mind).

Q: What's with the rat head?


A: That's my avatar. Yeah, the rat-thing just kind of stuck.

Q: What sort of games do you play in your free time?

A: I tend to bounce between games every few months or so, but I usually enjoy games with puzzles or strategy, a compelling story, and some lighthearted jokes to keep things from being too serious.

Q: That's cool, but I was hoping for some examples.

A: That's technically not a question, but here's a few games that I enjoy, in no particular order:

   - Kingdom of Loathing: The main selling point for this game is the hilarious writing filled with satire and pop-culture references. This game is constantly being updated with new content, and it features a unique business model that you don't really see in mainstream free-to-play games. The daily limit on actions you can take drags players in, and gives them opportunity to think and plan tomorrow's actions.

   - Crypt of the Necrodancer: Dance for your life through catacombs full of monsters that are desperate to tear you limb from limb. Each of the monsters follow a VERY specific pattern that makes them more or less predictable, meaning almost every death is a result of your own lack of foresight. Also, there's a kickass soundtrack.

   - Dungeons and Dragons: The classic tabletop roleplaying game, where you get together with a group of friends (assuming your schedules can line up), and then tell a story, wherein you can do whatever you want. I actually run my own campaign, where I draw all of my assets, including characters, enemies, and dungeons or battlefields. Why? Probably because I'm insane, and I like making my own stuff.

Q: What's your favourite colour?

A: Green. Specifically, #2CD629.

Q: What's your favourite number?

A: 6.

Q: What's your second-favourite number?

A: 64. 

Q: What's your favourite flavour?

A: Chocolate. Hands down. If you want to become fast friends with me, give me an Aero chocolate bar.

Q: What's your least favourite flavour?

A: Mint. I hate mint with a passion. If you want to become fast enemies with me, give me a mint Aero chocolate bar without telling me that it's mint.

That said, I do like the colour mint.

Q: My question isn't listed here.

A: Again, not a question, but I'm happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability - send them via twitter (@CRatmanG) or via email (cratmang@gmail.com).