Games I worked on

The Mad Mage of the Mechanical Nightmare

Game and Level Design


Pixel Art

A small game created over the course of a month using GB Studio.

The game is developed and designed to run on a Nintendo Game Boy, so I had to work under several graphical and technical restrictions. While this was a fun experiment, I do not think I'll be developing with GB Studio again in the future.

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Wings of Icaria by Little Guy Games

Unity Development

C# Programming

During a summer internship, I worked at Little Guy Games on a virtual reality project. Chief among my jobs was programming and designing the controls and mechanics for an in-game hover-chair, which the player would use to navigate the game world. I would also take part in weekly team meetings and communicate with other team members to discuss what needed to be done.

Etherian Sol by Die on the Hill

2D Art


Concept Art

This capstone project was created by a group of 5 fourth-year students, including myself. I worked with the lead artist to develop textures and art assets that fit with the game's unique art style.

The Spirit of Christmas

Unity Development

C# Programming

A (very) short point-and-click adventure made by a group of 4 students. I handled the project's code, and set the collision boxes that allow travel from room to room.

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