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Games I made


Pixel Art

Game and Level Design

Programming - Octo

A not-very-subtle clone of Ultima, created for Octojam 8, using Octo, a programming language that emulates a (very) old computer.

This simple RPG includes 4 different maps to explore, treasures to find, and simple battle system, and cute pixel art.

The game is admittedly short. I wanted to make it longer and include more robust features such as a magic system, but I ran out of space for code, and I was running short on time.

That aside, I'm told that this game is very impressive for XO-Chip, and I'm quite happy with what I was able to fit in, given the restraints.

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Pixel Art

Game Design

Programming - Unity + C#

A prototype base-defence game set within the Star Wars universe. Created for the Star Wars Fan Game Jam, using Unity.

The player is tasked with fending off an army of droids, and using the scrap they drop to construct turrets to defend the base's treasure. The game is incomplete, but it does feature 12 waves, a crafting system, a mine to gather additional resources, multiple paths for enemies to take, and a functioning minimap.

Download from


A single-player narrative game set in an alternate history in which the player must lead space-age Russia into an era of Enlightenment and Prosperity. Created for Extra Credits Game Jam #6.

This game functions like a Choose-your-own-Adventure book, except rather than a pre-determined story, there are random events in which your choices affect your relationship with the Empire and its people.

This game is inspired by Extra Credits' video series on the real-life Catherine the Great, and is based on her life, albeit with the addition of Science-Fiction and supernatural elements.

The rulebook and an official character sheet can be downloaded from A deck of traditional playing cards is required to play.


The Mad Mage of the Mechanical Nightmare

Programming - GB Studio


Pixel Art

A small game created over the course of a month using GB Studio.

The game features a very rough battle system (which consists of a yes/no prompt and a simple inventory screen), various enemies with unique animations, cutscenes, three different levels to explore, and an implementation of the dice game 10 000.

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