Games I worked on

Octo Party Mix

Game Programming

A microgame collection created in only a month for Octojam 7, using Octo.

This game was made under the restrictions of the CHIP-8, albeit with some added extensions. I had no experience using Octo or the CHIP-8 prior to this, so I taught myself using the manual and the included sample games. I wanted to include more than three games, but I ran out of space, so I had to cut it short.

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The Mad Mage of the Mechanical Nightmare

Game and Level Design


Pixel Art

A small game created over the course of a month using GB Studio.

The game is developed and designed to run on a Nintendo Game Boy, so I had to work under several graphical and technical restrictions. While this was a fun experiment, I do not think I'll be developing with GB Studio again in the future.

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Wings of Icaria by Little Guy Games

Unity Development

C# Programming

During a summer internship, I worked at Little Guy Games on a virtual reality project. Chief among my jobs was programming and designing the controls and mechanics for an in-game hover-chair, which the player would use to navigate the game world. I would also take part in weekly team meetings and communicate with other team members to discuss what needed to be done.

The Spirit of Christmas

Unity Development

C# Programming

A (very) short point-and-click adventure made by a group of 4 students. I handled the project's code, and set the collision boxes that allow travel from room to room.